Online Rental Application

Thank you for your interest in our rental property. The following information is provided to assist you with the rental application process.

Applicant acknowledges that the RE/MAX Alliance Listing Agent represents the Owner of this property. (Please initial at the bottom of the page).

  1. Filling Out Your Application: A married couple may complete one application. A separate application is required for each adult 18 years old and over who will be living in the property. A photo ID is required for all applicants no later than lease signing.
  2. Application Fee: The following fees must be submitted with the completed applications: The application fee is $40 per adult (any person over the age of 18). This fee is non-refundable and must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order made payable to RE/MAX Alliance. We DO NOT accept cash or personal checks for application fees.
  3. Application Review: In addition to the information on your application the following items will be verified:
    1. Income (Please provide 2 most recent paystubs or a copy of your LES)
    2. Outstanding Debts
    3. Credit Report
    4. Rental History (Any fees incurred to verify residency and/or employment will be paid by tenant to RE/MAX Alliance within 24 hours of request.)
    5. Employment History (Active Duty Military will be required to provide a copy of orders.)
    6. Other Documentation, as required.
      A formula is used to determine whether the applicant has sufficient income to pay the rent for the property in question: Monthly payments plus proposed rent divided by monthly gross income must not exceed 40% to receive an acceptable rating for this category. This is an industry accepted ratio and may be adjusted on a case by case basis. Each property manager is an independent contractor with RE/MAX Alliance. Qualifying criteria and fees may vary between Property Managers.
  4. Security Deposit: Once the application is approved, the security deposit must be received within 24 hours by certified funds payable to RE/MAX Alliance. Additional fees / deposits may be required at this time.
  5. Lease: When the security deposit is received, arrangements will be made to sign the lease documents within 7 days. If applicant fails to execute the lease, return the lease within 72 hours of receipt, honor the terms of the lease and/or occupy the property, this shall result in the forfeiture of the portion of security deposits and fees equal to
    Owner's actual damages and expenses. Applicant(s) acknowledges that Agent reserves the right to hold the security deposit until the lease is finalized and
    applicant(s) should be aware that the property may remain active on the rental market until the lease is finalized.
  6. First Month's Rent & Applicable Fees: Your first month's rent is due on the lease start date by cashiers check or money order.
  7. Remaining Monthly Rent Payments: Rent is to be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer, (EFT). Your account will be drafted the evening of the 1st business day of the month. We will provide the enrollment form when you sign your lease. Anyone that does not pay their rent via EFT will be required to pay an additional $50 monthly processing fee in their rent payment. Rent is due at our office the 1st day of each month.
  8. Rental Insurance Policy: Proof of your rental insurance policy must be provided by the starting date of your lease. Your policy must have a minimum liability of $300,000 and include RE/MAX Alliance as an additional insured under the liability section of the renter's insurance policy. Check with your insurance company about flood insurance, loss of use riders and additional provisions for your protection.
  9. DISCLOSURES: All attached disclosures should be carefully considered before submitting the application.

Submit your rental application below.